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web design question: layouting one 'simple' page on my own?

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I think he means CSS accordions. You can lots of examples on how to do those on the internet. Problem is then that need to know about core concepts of HTML and CSS. While not difficult, it will take time to get your head around those, especially if you start from zero.

This accordion can be used either horizontally or vertically.

there has to be a simple single-page/small-set website maker somewhere -- lots of people need to be able to do this kind of thing easily.

There are.  As long as you don't mind hosted.


I can't vouch for what it can do, but it is free during testing...

You could take a look at writing your page in Markdown, using one of the several free online editors available (such as or Just write away almost as you would in any other text document, and export/save it as html. You'll end up with a clean, simple web page that you can upload to a server somewhere. How the final page ends up looking like depends entirely on the editor you're using, but seeing as Markdown is just plain text you can just copy/paste your document to/from any of them :)

Here's a quick example:
web design question: layouting one 'simple' page on my own?


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