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web design question: layouting one 'simple' page on my own?

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This freebie is still available.  Seems pretty basic.

Or you could use SiteSpinner Free Trial.  The usage counter counts the number of days you actually load it.  Not just subtracting the first day from the current date.  So you can make the trial last for some time while learning how to use it.

Most of the single page wizards I have seen are built into hosted free web accounts.  The ones I tried were geared to posting a photo gallery with descriptions.

Sitepoint has a free beginner level video course available, to teach you how to build this single page responsive site.

It's kind of based on the original Learnable site design, before the service was integrated into SitePoint's main website as SitePoint Premium. Personally, I think it's quite pretty for a simple single page site.

Disclaimer: I work for SitePoint but they have not encouraged or compensated me in any way, for this post.


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