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Take a list of PDF tabs and create a text file of the links?

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I don't know if we already did this as a snack, or if someone knows something out there.

I'd like a program that can just read the browser and spit out a text file list of the links.

Any ideas?

Unknown if I'll need any features.

Like these

Link Klipper
Link Gopher

Then perhaps do something with them with mouser's Web Link Captor


I will try to use your ideas when I have more energy.

But first let me apologize for a disastrous typo!

I meant *web browser tabs*, not PDF tabs!

So I don't know what that means. A long time ago I comissioned a prototype program to create PDF pages out of web tabs, but now my use case is just generating a list of links.

Aha, you have the same request as Contro has, but you were there first ;D

I think rgdot in his answer already had realized the typo.

Anyway, even the title of a thread is modifiable.


create shortlinks to urls in a folder from a txt file with the url list-Contro
--- End quote ---


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