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What's up with WinPatrol?

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So, I was looking to update WinPatrol on an old machine, and went to the website, but got blocked by safe browsing filter in Firefox. I skipped past it, assuming it was some kind of error, and noticed MBAM blocking access to some site while it was loading. I switched to Chrome, and the site was blocked there too :huh:.

All the downloads appeared to be from c-net now, so I figured I could wait with updating till I figured out what was going on.

There are tweets going back to Aug10 with same.

Funny.  I upgraded just a bit before then.  Then again if you have phishing protection enabled in chrome browser and download one of my programs it asks effectively "You sure you want to download that?  Nobody else is."  :)

I know that BillP isn't the developer of WinPatrol anymore, but his Twitter feed talks about Google 'red-listing' his freeware (taskcatcher?) starting on August 10:

Google tells me "Yes, this site has hosted malicious software over the past 90 days. It infected 0 domain(s), including . "
--- End quote ---

He's not happy with Google/Chrome...

Yeah... i sent them an e-mail about it, and they said they knew... but not having a person or a direct way to communicate with google had proven very frustrating.  They are in the process of proving that it's a false result... but in the meantime, they're losing sales.


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