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Giveaways of Extra Games from Humble Weekly Bundle: The Return of Space Boy


I bought in on the Humble Weekly Bundle: The Return of Space Boy

There were a lot of duplicates in there for me, so I'm putting them here.  You have to be a member of the DC steam group.  There are also some personal groups included in there to make the pool a little wider- but not much.

The giveaways run from today until 8/27/2015 (2 weeks)

Steam Marines:
Edge of Space:

Nice. Thanks!

Keys sent.  Sorry... didn't know I had to manually trigger the send.

Thanks for posting here. I forgot about the giveaway and wasn't emailed any sort of notification about the end of it.

By the way, I had also forgotten that I started some giveaways of my own a few weeks ago that end at the end of the month (tomorrow).

They're open for anybody who has attained Level 1 on

Super Laser Racer:
Freedom Force:

EDIT: The giveaways have ended.

thanks for the giveaways! 8)


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