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Ultimate Zip 7.0 [free]

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Giveaway for Ultimate Zip 7.0.

I have been using 7-zip and am happy with it.  But I used UltimateZip back in the days of version 3.0.  I liked it better than WinZip.  It claims a fully portable mode where you can run from a USB stick.  I haven't really investigated.  All I can say for now is that the download, setuo and registration went without a problem.


I'm currently using the freeware Bandizip and I have no complaints with it thus far.

Back when I bought a UZ license it was only $15.  Nice program.  I think I paid $29 for WinZip so it was half the price with nicer features.  Just a bit of nostalgia.  :)

I've also been using Bandizip - not bad at all. What I really miss though are commandline parameters.
Seems like the situation is not likely to change anytime soon:

I ran across this giveaway for UZ.  I already registered mine from earlier.  I do not know if it will take the registration as shown here.  But it may.


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