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Anyone running Firefox 40.0 stable release?

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If I check for update in FF 39.03 it says FF is up to date. shows no FF 40.0 stable.  But Snapfiles and Softpedia do.  It gets weirder all the time.

Edit:  Just checked Mozilla again.  Now it has 40.0 for download.  How can they get beat at their own game?  Seems pretty strange.  Check for update is still 40.0 unaware.

I updated to 40.0 via the dialog box a couple hours or so back FWIW.

Choosed menu Help > About
It showed downloading 40.0 and updated OK
Running 40.0 now.

Maybe they have different server for different location of the world.



Still no go for update.  I never liked using it anyway.  :)

v40.0 here. is this what you're looking for?



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