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Does Donationcoder have a post(s) containing main s/w deals sites?

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Thanks to everyone for the inputs. :Thmbsup:

Time for me to sign up for a few more newsletters, to keep up to date on these various software websites.

app103: ?

-Curt (July 23, 2015, 08:18 AM)
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We have had issues with their spamming team on this forum, lately. Banned a few of them over the last month or so.



Do "you" have a discount code for Dynamic Photo HDR 6 or any other MediaChance product, please?

When I upgraded from version 4 to version 5, the price was $24.
This time (from version 5 to version 6) they want me to pay $56 !!!

I am early retired, so I have learned to write companies and ask for a discount, but this one has to be BIG
- especially because I really want to also upgrade my Dynamic Auto Painter - but that price is even higher

brand new:  by Auslogics and like|minded


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