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Capturing Scrolling Pages

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What I have not been able to figure out how to do is to capture just the browser web page window without the Firefox tabs and toolbars appearing at the top of each scrolled page.
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the real trick to this is not to worry about it.  after SC performs its scrolling and capturing, it has a button you push to detect where the real content is and crop out the rest.

OK!  Now I understand how that part works!  I didn't think of using it to eliminate the multiple tab and menu parts on each page of the scroll by adjusting the overlap.

Very very cool implementation!  :Thmbsup:  It really is brilliant!

On my first test the right margin control didn't seem to crop anything.  But when I tested it on another scrolling page it worked.  I'll have to investigate that more.  All the other margin adjustments worked great!  And the Scroll Overlap controls are amazing!

One other small issue...  How do you eliminate the red page separator lines from the capture?

But WOW!  What a fantastic implementation of scrolling!  Better than any other I have seen.  :Thmbsup:

A possible enhancement....  Allow different zoom levels in this dialog other than Fit and 100%.  Might make it easier to see what's going on while you are adjusting things.

Edit: Since you can't crop the overlaps of each capture individually, it's clearly critical that each capture has the same amount that needs to be cropped.  Otherwise when you set the scroll overlaps so that one seam is perfect, another seam might not be right.  On my test I did a manual capture using the page down key before each capture to try to make each capture uniform size.  When I set the overlap based on the perfect setting for one seam, the other seams were off a little.  Is there a way to avoid this?  :)

Only the last page will be smaller then the others, when starting the capture from the top of the page, that's why there are separate settings for the last page, an also for the first page to cut off an unwanted header

Both SuperMan and Ath are correct regarding overlaps.

SC does assume that all but the last scroll will be of equal size.  It is possible, though rare, to be using an app where the scrolling, even when done by "pages" is not exactly the same size on each page.. this can produce a problem where the overlaps may be off by a pixel when stitching.  I can give some thought to some option that might try to detect that and nudge the overlaps a tiny bit if it can figure out where it happens..

mouser... truly I am so impressed by your grasp of topics like this!  What an amazing talent!

Yes, that is indeed what happened in my case.  It was not the top or bottom capture that was off after adjusting overlap, but one of the captures in between.  When I adjusted one of the middle captures to have a perfect overlap, the overlap of one of the other middle captures was too high.  It seems to me it was cutting off more than 1 pixel too much though, seemed like more than that.

I actually used this thread to do the test.  At least one of the middle "slides" had maybe a several lines of text cut off while another "middle"
 slide was completely perfect.

Thinking about it though, it seems possible that you may not be properly adjusting the overlap even for a slide that looks correct.  What if there is white space for example around the overlap.  How can you visually determine what the correct overlap is in that case to the pixel (if those units are pixels... not sure)?

So if you over reduce the overlap on one slide, that has say horizontal white space, and there is another slide that has data around the overlap it could cut off the data without your knowing.  So A. maybe you should set the overlap on something you can be confident about if possible.  and B. you should check all the overlaps even on the middle slides before finishing.

But actually I did try to do A although I'm not exactly sure what you can be confident about.  I chose a slide with some split words right on the seam and tried to align the words so they were properly overlapped.  This may or may not have been an accurate overlap.

I don't want to over complicate this.  mouser I am sure you understand the issues.  The goal, of course is how to get at least a visually "perfect" image with the minimum amount of work.  With the amazing tools in Screenshot Captor it's already pretty close!

If it would be helpful at all I can try to reproduce an image with this issue and attach.

Also, if you get a chance, do you know why the red margin/overlap lines appear in my final image and how I can prevent that?

I tried to capture and image this thread again applying some understanding I gained in this discussion.  Margins don't seem to be any issue in this test, it's the overlaps that are difficult.  The automatic overlap didn't work so I adjusted it manually.  I tried to be very careful to align a middle section that seemed clear.  At first it seemed to be pretty good when I checked the other middle slides... but then, after adjusting the End Overlaps, I looked at the middle slides again and something seemed way off.  I don't know what I did wrong as I assume the End Overlaps shouldn't affect the middle slides?

Anyway, I need to do my tests more scientifically when I have more time so I can be more succinct in what I write and not waste everyone's time.  I apologize for the long posts without much substance.  When I have more time I will try to report what is going on in a way that can be reproduced... or else figure out what the heck I did wrong!

This is an awesome feature.  Hope I can add something to make it even better!  "I'll be back!"  :tellme:


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