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Cloudberry Drive -- free via sharewareonsale


This seems like a good deal to me - if you use Amazon S3 at any rate (I'm not sure if it supports anything else)
CloudBerry Drive maps your cloud storage accounts as a local disk; this allows you to access and edit files in the cloud directly from your Windows desktop.
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    This is a 1-computer lifetime license, for home or business use
    You get free updates
    You get free tech support
    Can be installed/reinstalled at a later date, but you must get your license key and download the installer before this offer has ended
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Offer here:
Requires giving your email address to and at the CoudBerry site

Mount Amazon S3 Bucket as a Windows Virtual Drive

CloudBerry Drive mounts your Amazon S3 account as a network or external drive to your Windows computer. With CloudBerry Drive you can work with files in Amazon S3 directly from the Windows Explorer interface, the same way as if they were on your local drive.-
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