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Screenshot Captor Background Shadow colour

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Thanks for the help so far. I will explain more about what I am doing, and the settings I have tried.

Firstly, I have tried the canvas settings, and this works for the built in viewer only.

To explain what I am doing, I need to get the captured image into a state that I can expand full screen without any title bars or menus. The only way I have found to do this is in a browser, eg Firefox, by using the F11 in FF to totally maximise an image. So after I capture the image in SC, I launch Firefox and pass the created file using "%file%". This works, but the created file (which is png), does not have the canvas settings. It has a permanent white background behind the shadow. The shadows don't seem to change with either the canvas settings or the settings in Special Effect Options. Eg, I can set the Backgnd to Red in Special Effect Options or in the Canvas settings, then capture an image and look at the autosaved png and the background is white.


I think the root of your issue is explained by tomos' post.
The area behind the shadow is actually treated by Screenshot Captor as TRANSPARENT -- that is, it will show the color of whatever is behind the image.

So when you are viewing the image inside Firefox, it is *FIREFOX* which has decided to render transparent images as if they were on a white background.  If you choose a different image viewer, like Irfanview, you may see that background area treated as BLACK.  Still others may attempt to show you that the region is transparent by using a checkerboard pattern -- such as a painting program.

Now, if you want to FORCE the background to be a certain shade, you can set the canvas color to whatever you want, and then before you save it, choose to FLATTEN the background transparency from the Objects menu in screenshot captor.  This will remove any transparency and flatten the shadow as if the background color was the set canvas color -- if that makes sense.

Hi Mouser, it makes sense what you say and have confirmed you are correct. I can open the saved png in Photodraw and the transparency has been saved. It is a firefox limitation.

I am trying to do this with as few steps as possible, and shadow is not a critical requirement, so I will go without that.

Thanks heaps for your help.

I have one other question. Can you tell me if I can scale the size up automatically in the auto saved image ?


Don't worry about that last query about size. Rather than trying to use Firefox for viewing the image, I wrote a small imageviewer which zooms and shows the shadow, and am calling that from SC and passing the filename. So all good and working fine now.

Thanks for your help.



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