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Windows 10 Odd Change to Screenshot Captor

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I can't remember Screenshot Captor doing anything but working great.

I installed Windows 10 and now there is a setting that keeps changing even though I un-check  it.

Preferences/Basic Capturing/Capture Options/Retrieve And Store....  This box is being repeatedly checked; I remove the check and somehow it gets checked again.

The problem is the program slows down dramatically and sometimes I have to shut it down via the Task Manager.

It doesn't change unless I shut down and reboot the Windows 10 Dell XPS 8700 which is about 3 months old.

Anybody having this issue?  Is there a fix in the works?

If you change the setting and then manually exit SC, and then restart SC is the option remembered?

And are other settings saved normally?

I don't know.  I removed the program and reinstalled verson 3.xxxx.

No more problems.

It's version v3.08.01 that I installed.

I was wrong.  I just removed version 3 and reinstalled the latest version.

Right now that box isn't checked so it's working fine.  I closed and opened the program a few times and so far the settings are stable.


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