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The Birds - Redux?


"We will fight on the beaches: Britain's war with rogue killer seagulls"

A visit to a traditional British seaside town is usually a fairly safe and relaxing, if uneventful way, to spend the summer.

But, in recent weeks a threat to that tranquililty has emerged. Not the weather. Not even soggy fish and chips. Something altogether more menacing: rogue seagulls.

This month, the British media has been filled with accounts of increasingly violent behavior from gangs of gulls. The Daily Telegraph warned of "killer seagulls," "more interested in blood than bacon sarnies [sandwiches]." The Daily Mail reported that "packs of birds" had begun to "target women" to get food. London's Metro had an even greater threat on its mind: Seagulls could "start killing babies if we’re not careful."

--- End quote ---

On my part of the planet, S Florida, gulls 'target' any possible food source.  They don't fly or hunt in 'packs'.
They basically just fly near each other, like cars on a freeway, scanning for food.
They are rogues, compared to most other birds, possibly because they seem to 'hunt' separately-together.

Maybe we could ship our Killer Dentist over there... with some bird-shot?   ;D


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