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Windows 10 Privacy Concerns

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How about a nice DC coding snack macro to do it all automatically for Win 7, 8, and/or 10? :D-bit (August 31, 2015, 02:10 AM)
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See here for an updated version.

^That is really awesome. I'll see if I can figure out how to do it.
I do have questions, in case anyone can please help:
Will ^this 'elevated powershell' program work in Windows 7?
(One of the above links speaks only of running in Windows 8.
What does 'elevated' mean or refer to, please?

I already found one of the four spyware updates waiting to be installed on my Win 7 Pro (which has updates turned off), and set it to be 'hidden'.

Here are some YT vids about the Win 10 spyware scene;
Windows ten spying on every image you look at.
Top 5 Reasons To Not Upgrade to Windows 10
^btw, this guy hates 'Cortana'.

Would anybody mind if I posted my pix of 'Ex-Machina' & 'Ex-Cortana' here?
I worked so hard on it, and pic-mods like this usually don't come out so well.
To really understand what the pix mean, you need to see the film 'Ex-Machina', and I'm not giving spoilers.
BTW, I did say I was going to adopt a 'wait & see' attitude towards the 'free' Windows 10 upgrade, but I make no special claim to being smarter than anybody else; I still haven't 'upgraded' to owning a cellphone either, so it's more 'attitude' for me than 'smarts'.  ;)

Cortana is an interactive virtual AI 'helper' created by Microsoft for Windows Phone 8.1 (where it now supersedes Bing Mobile), Microsoft Band, Windows 10, and coming to iOS, Android, and the Xbox One.
Firstly, here's a poster for the flick 'Ex-Machina', an innocuous but sinister robotic AI who spends most of the movie begging to be let out of the prison her creator keeps her locked up in.

With Paint Shop Pro 7 and 18 saves, I transformed her into... ...a live-action Ex-Cortana.
Do NOT let her out of the 'box', no matter how sweetly she begs! ;D

Will ^this 'elevated powershell' program work in Windows 7?-bit (September 01, 2015, 08:41 PM)
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Yes, there's nothing Windows version specific in it as far as I'm aware.  Providing the requirements are met, ie. elevated console, WUPM installed, and Powershell v4+ (it'll probably work with v2+ as that is the minimum for WUPM), it should work all the way back to XP if you want to use it for uninstalling other KBs.

In case it's not obvious, it requires WUSA.exe - I don't know which version of the Windows Installer this arrived in but here's the page for the last available for XP/Vista.

I've only tested on 8.1Pro because that's all I have across all my machines.

What does 'elevated' mean or refer to, please?
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Elevated = Run as Admin

The link was only to show you the various methods to get an elevated Powershell console, same applies for Win7.


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