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Pls recommend 32-bit software for old WinXP machine I'm giving an elderly woman

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A coworker gave me a Dell Dimension 4600. She was gonna throw it away, and I was like, "NO!!"

Naturally, it was garbaged up. I installed a fresh copy of Win XP on it, downloaded and installed Service Pack 3, and it's doing okay. I've ordered RAM to upgrade it from 512Mb to 1.5Gb. The lady I'm giving it to is not very computer savy, but likes to watch DVDs, listen to music, and play games. She's particularly fond of 50s and 60s music, so I'm getting a bunch of that ready, and putting some rotating 50s/60s-era desktop images on the machine.

Any suggestions on software she might enjoy or benefit from?

I put the whole 5-CD Microsoft Encarta encyclopedia on it (she loves that sort of thing). It has Power DVD 4.0.

Note: the lady is indigent and cannot afford internet, so that isn't an issue. I'll get the machine as tuned up as possible and make a backup image in case I need to visit her in future and restore the PC.

What I'm after is suggestions on ways to modify the machine, software suggestions, etc., bearing in mind that this is an older person (in her mid-70s, of sound mind but has been ill for many years).

I don't know what programs to pick.  But this may be a good resource of free programs that were popular enough to go commercial:

Most are likely old enough to run on XP


Depending on her area maybe put a wifi card in it and get someone's permission to use their wifi?

I #feel# the Encarta is a really good idea, WBM. Does the world have more of such things? Is she spiritually interested? eSword?

Thanks, Curt. Yes, I'd already put eSword and a few other apps of that sort. Good catch!

@Tao: yep, that's a possibility. Only problem is that she's so technically unsavy, that any problems at ALL and she'd not know how to reconnect wirelessly.


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