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Question regarding Win10 upgrade

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Hi troops! It's been awhile.

I was wondering if anyone could help me out with this one since I've been out of the Windows environment for awhile and haven't been paying much attention to 10 at all.

Got a friend (bit of a noob to Windows since he's a long-time Mac man) who put in for the Windows 10 reservation. Seems like it's now trying to force the upgrade to 10. He's currently on Win 7 and wants to stay there for the foreseeable future. But every time he goes into Windows Update it starts "counting down" (as he puts it) to load Win10. It's also n longer showing any of the Windows 7 updates. Just wants to load 10...

I haven't seen that one before. Deleting KB 3035583 doesn't seem to stop it. So I'm guessing somewhere along the line he told it to download or do something even though he says he's sure he didn't.

Any help with this one or should he just backup his stuff using the Win Migration Tool, reinstall 7, put it all back, and try to be more careful next time?

Any suggestions would be appreciated. What says the collective wisdom of DC?  :)

uh oh.  i was kind of worried about this.  welcome back btw!!!

i also reserved when i saw the popup on the surface pro.  immediately after, i sort of regretted it because i didn't want to be "forced" into an upgrade.  The problem is that the notices is being built into the OS, and into the windows update, which is weird.  Should have been an email notice or something where you can click, and download whatever needs to be installed.  This feels more like a hostile takeover.

I'm going to try to avoid it for now until i get a few months of feedback from around the web.  Right now, we don't know how seamless the upgrade is going to be.  Will all your running programs still work?  Is it going to turn into a situation where it's better to "just reinstall the OS from scratch" rather than upgrade?

This site has some directions on how to deal with the situation:

I'll check it out and report back later this weekend.

go to Windows Update and cancel it.

@SB - Thankee! Good to be back.

@Curt - whatever he did, I think it's a little late for that. There's something he's got on his machine now that wants to roll ahead with it.

So far:

I suggested he remove KB2976978 and also run this:

I understand there's also a directory containing the downloaded update for 10 that can be removed to prevent it from happening, but I don't know what that directory is. Or if that will fix Windows Update to start showing Win7 updates again.

I think it's a bit buggy at times...
I reserved (on windows 8.1). A couple of days ago it stopped showing me updates for 8.1 and had a big notice about 10 - but still wasnt offering it for download. It did correct itself - I cant remember was a reboot required - all of which is not much help, but gives me the chance to say:
!! hello !! :)


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