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CHS is unusable on High DPI Screens

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Ill see if i can't fix the CHS font issues on high-dpi screens asap.

Please try the new beta:

Wow!  That's a really FAST response!

Two improvements noted in the beta:

1) Text in the options box is marginally larger. Still too small for comfort, but at least readable.

2) The title bar for the memo pane now fits the text without cropping the bottom.

It's a little hard to test because as far as I can tell, I can't have multiple instances to look at side by side.  I won't be able to test screen fonts again until next weekend as I will be away from home until then and my laptop screen is pretty low res.

Good to hear it's better.  :up:

Please try the new beta:
-mouser (September 13, 2015, 03:01 PM)
--- End quote ---

I'm experiencing similar high-DPI issues with CHS v2.34.0 using Windows 10 on a Lenovo Yoga 900 (3200 x 1800) laptop. This is my first experience with both Win10 and high-dpi resolutions, so I'm a novice.

In latest version CHS, the system tray right-click menu text is too crowded vertically, though font size is appropriate.

All icons in the Main Window are tiny. Main Window Tree text is tiny. Grid and Memo main window text is tiny. The Grid window's "Quick Search Filter" text is sized perfectly, as is all text in the Memo window's header fields. So, CHS text size varies from usable to unusable depending on the field.

Is the beta fix referenced above included in CHS v2.34.0 release?
If so, any other suggestions for making all fonts proportionally sized, and icons larger?

Here are screen captures of the right-click system-tray menu, and Main Window:
CHS is unusable on High DPI Screens
CHS is unusable on High DPI Screens


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