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CHS is unusable on High DPI Screens

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I just installed CHS on my Sony FIT 15A which has a screen resolution of 2880x1620. I have the scaling set to 150%. I'm running Windows 10, but I suspect that this is not a Windows 10 issue, but a DPI one. The options dialog is too miniscule to read.

yep, let me see what i can do about this -- i think i can fix it.
it's come up on another of my apps as well (FARR was it?)

Probably so - I'm guessing they share a good part of the code.

mouser I've even been having problems with a FHD 15.6" screen (1920 x 1080).
I have the text @ 125%

Screenshot Captor:
in options, it look like the text is not enlarged.
In the main window, the menu text is correct, but the icons look miniscule, and the text at the top of the viewer pane is cropped (Autofit, etc.)

In FARR's options, the text looks enlarged but there are multiple places where text is cut off or overlapping.
I havent added my lisence yet on this machine, and the popups (on windows start) also have overlapping text (yet the text looks too small to read - will try remember to get a snap when I reboot).

I'm looking for a clip manager right now and just tried CHS.  This is definitely a problem that would have to be fixed before I could use CHS - it is completely unreadable on my 2560x1440 27" monitor.

See screenshot:CHS is unusable on High DPI Screens

This screenshot was taken with Screenshot Captor, which is somewhat hard to read, but nowhere near as bad as CHS.  In particular, the SC options screens seem to use slight larger fonts than for those in CHS. Note also that the title bar for the Memo pane in the CHS main windows is not wide enough to fully display the system font which is set at 150%.


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