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Simple network drivemapping utility

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I can probably do this if i get q few minutes of peace and quite but i thought someone may already have one.  I am looking for the method of making this  look like a real program not just a line of text?  I think i have seen a shell generator script that is the standard for most of this small utilities.  I just need them to input their name.  The rest can be done inside the script and i hated to resort to a dos box of a batch file.

Batch is great for a lot of things. You could use some of these utilities from Horst Shaeffer to tart up a batch file nicely enough, winput.exe can ask prettily for some input from your users.

DriveMapper ?

So basically the same as that but the user only inputs a user name.

Password, network path, and mapped drive letters are static values.

As usual yu da man!

Thanks exactly what I was looking for
Do you happen to know where I can get the "kit" for building these small neat looking simple "apps in a box"?
it is the layout shell that is a pain to make.

ah. I just read lower.
Maybe that is what you sent in so thanks to you both!
4wd's will  get me by as it is exactly what I wanted.
but the shell for making my own would be another big WIN.
Many of these scripts I have played with (mostly from You 4WD!) are kind of "off-putting" to normal users when they have to enter data into a black DOS window.

I can do this in Powershell if you want, simple GUI with a textbox for a user name and a Map button.


That's the GUI done, but no code behind it.

Give me a few days, (busy weekend).


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