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[SOLVED] show the week number


show the week number on the Windows system tray calendar?

or just show the week number

Have you tried T-Clock?

I dont have it installed on this machine, so cant say either way - but I do remember a discussion in that thread about different systems of week numbers.

T-Clock 2010 (download)

ehh, yeah, I've tried T-Clock, but it was a long time ago - actually a VERY long time ago!

I stopped following 2010 because of the lack of week numbers, so I am very pleased to hear that this feature has been made available in the latest "Redux" >version by the White Tiger<. Really fine job!

Thanks a lot, Tom, for informing , and White Tiger for writing! :up:

My T-Clock Redux in Danish (uge is of course week). Tray, and mouse hover:



My eyes needed Bold characters & digits:

of course ^that^ was in the wrong order, so I made this instead: HH:nn:ss dddd\ndd mmmm (Wi) yyyy 

click to enlarge:

[SOLVED] show the week number


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