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Creating a virtual clip group in CHS to show you all clips with URLs in them

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The virtual group construction feature of CHS is powerful but complicated to use and not well documented.
Someone asked for this on the irc channel so i thought i would show how to do it here.

Suppose you want a clip group which shows you all clips containing a url..

Create a new group in the group tree, and edit it (F2), and set the values as follows:

The key here is to check the "Virtual Folder" checkbox and fill in this text:

--- ---(Lower(ClipText) LIKE '%http:%') OR (Lower(ClipText) LIKE '%www.%') OR (Lower(ClipText) LIKE '%ftp:%')
That tells CHS that this group is constructed dynamically from all other clips that match the specified rule.

Now whenever you select that group you will see all clips from all other groups that contain http or www. or ftp:.
You could customize it as you want of course.

in the future i will add a special flag to clips that indicate when they contain a url - that will make life a bit easier for sorting and filtering by urls.

just tried out this potentially useful feature. but there's a problem because it captures normal sentences containing keywords such as 'http' or 'ftp'. is there way to add a rule to say that if source of capture is from browser's location bar then show in this folder.

no but
how many times in a normal sentence are you going to type http:
you could change it to http:// if you wanted to be a bit more precise.

how many times in a normal sentence are you going to type http:
--- End quote ---

ok, sounds logical. then how do i modify the rule to say if only starts with 'http', etc?


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