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hmm we seem to be getting off topic here, but that's ok..
i see one other person has had this trouble when i do a google search.. i will try to search the code and see what could cause it - it sounds like it's trying to add a database item without setting a date for it.  that really shouldn't be possible but i'll see what can be found and hopefully have answer before monday.
in the meantime you could try deleting the files in the database directory and see if that fixes it.

Although I don't use this s/w (I use ClipX), just want to add the following:

CHS has been mentioned at

I am constantly amazed at the abilities of Clipboard Help and Spell (Love Fest not intended, just my take).

There is one ability that should be "promoted" much more, and that is Character Count. At first there seems many utilities for this, however that's somewhat deceptive in that many are web page based methods (and others) require some scripting in the "not for novice" style.

Anyway; traffic in computer to mobile messaging is increasing (no citation); 160 characters is the usual max count; Ipod and some other '"smart" phones don't always have character counters: etc. Seems that some information targeted at these demographics would be in order.  As an aside, "GrandMa, Mom and Dad" text-ing their family's phones may be a growing source of users.

There are other utilities, but to propel Clipboard Help and Spell faster, possibly a focused view of this aspect of CHS is worth a try.

Lastly: The window showing character count results. Can it be sized smaller?  The reason I ask is that on this machine the "pop-in" that nearly fills the frame is unexpectedly large and to me distracting.

Hope this helps.  Cheers!

Featured on ghacks today (Aug 2, 2011):

Featured on ghacks today
--- End quote ---

Deservedly so!  :up:


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