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CHS: Links to Review and Comments - Add yours

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I want to start a thread for all of our application sections with pointers to review and software listing sites that accept reviews.

So users can visit to read more opinions about our programs, and most importantly so that our users can easily go and leave their comments for others to read.  If you like our programs, it's one of the best ways you can help - it let's people know the software is actually being used by real people who like it.

Some places where you can leave comments about CHS:

FileForum ->
Softpedia ->
Snapfiles ->

Cnet/ ->
"Clipboard Help and Spell is easily the most sophisticated and flexible tool we've yet seen for saving, searching, and storing Clipboard text entries. It serves well as a note-keeping application, too."
--- End quote ---

and if you know of other places please post.

Ok, i've just posted a small review at
But i can't see if it's there or not ( is kinda weird  :huh:).
Here's the link:

Is it (will it be) possible to rename, or nickname, a clipboard item?

If so, could you give consideration to providing a mechanism to print out the nickname and the contents of that item as a linked pair?

So, if #443267 went to the clipboad from, say, my editor
and its title became
'25/06/2006 (KEDIT for Windows)'

It's title could be changed to, say, 'Wine cellar entry code'

And a subsequent request to print (in special form) that entry would result in
Wine cellar entry code #443267

In a perfect world there would be a mechanism to print out the contents of an entire virtual folder in this format, in one operation.

Thanks for your attention.

you can absolutely change the titles of your clips, just select it and type in a new name in the title field.
you can also customize how clips get automatically named in the options.

as for printing a bunch of clips - very good idea, i will try to add it.

don't forget to check clips as your favorites if you want to keep them permanently, or move them into a permanent group or else they will autoamtically be moved to old clips and then recycled over time.

Just returned from o/s holiday and installed CHS.

I keep on getting error message:

CreationdateTime must have a value?




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