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QTTabBar 1026


Just in case anyone missed the recent update:

QTTabBar 1026

Edit: I am not runnin it and have no idea how well it works.

Just in case anyone missed the recent update:
QTTabBar 1027
Edit: I am not runnin it and have no idea how well it works.-MilesAhead (July 27, 2015, 05:00 PM)
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QTTabBar ver 1027 (2015-8-4) New

1027 > 1028 > 1029:

QTTabBar » Change Log
Version 1029 (2015-8-25)


- Now captures windows that are opened by Start menu and jumplist of Windows 10.
               Looking for a better way to capture Win+E in Windows 10.

 - Reformed Extended renaming feature.
               Supports renaming multiple files and folders using a list of new names.

 - Now Application Launcher button accepts drops to register files.
 - New keywords in Command Button – %tab% and %tabpath% that are substituted by Tab object and path string of tab when used in Tab events.
 - Keywords that represent selections such as %f% are now substituted by selection paths in the view owned by the tab, when used in Tab events.
 - New option 'Blend with custom color" in Selected column bg color of Compatible View.
 - Added a few Scripting commands – EnsureItemVisible, RenameMultiple, SetExtraViewSize.


 - Option "No capture from Desktop" is ignored.
 - Extra View size is not restored after a maximized window is closed.
 - Folder window flickers on opening, especially when Extra Views are enabled.
 - Option window can freeze when menu style has changed.
 - Continuous renaming files by Tab and Shift + Tab key is now available in Compatible View too.
 - Desktop Tool menu pops up at wrong position in Right-to-Left environments.
 - Desktop Tool fails to initialize when the computer is under a heavy load situation such as cold start.
 - Desktop Tool menu is turned off after menu titles are rearranged.
 - Command MoveTabToView does not work.
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