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Google Earth through proxie?


Is there any way to set up Google Earth to connect through TOR Vidalia or any other proxie?

Also, is there an app to change sea levels globally?

this (old) article may (still) be useful:

You need to run Tor as a transparent proxy, there's a couple of ways:
1) You run OpenWRT, Tomato, etc firmware in your router and set it for Tor connectivity;
2) Try using Tallow which will push all your TCP traffic through the Tor network, (unless told otherwise).

Some uses of Tallow include:

* "Tor-ifying" applications/programs that were never designed to use Tor. Since Tallow is transparent, the application will not be aware that traffic has been diverted via the Tor network.
* Filter Circumvention. If you just want to circumvent Internet filtering, and do not care so much about strong anonymity, then Tallow may be appropriate.
* Better-than-nothing-Tor. Even though Tallow by itself is not a strong anonymity solution, some Tor may still be better than no Tor at all.
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Take note though:
But beware! Unlike the TorBrowserBundle, Tallow does not make any attempt to anonymize content sent though the Tor network. This may include cookies or other information that can identify you. For this reason Tallow is not intended to be a complete strong anonymity solution by itself.
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