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Incredibox - Express your musicality!


Hello all,

I bring news. Of a swweeeeet site that lets you test out your beat boxing skillz.

There are 4 versions out, try em all and make some sweet mixes.

Mess around! Create Mixes! Share! Enjoy!

Feel free to post your mixes here!

Here are some of mine.

Dancin With The Bass - v4
Electro Bass - v3
Black And White Bass - v2

You can tell i like bass eh?


Very cool.  :up:

It's almost *too* easy to make things that sound cool. :D Definitely check out the leaderboard for ideas on how to make best use of it. I setup a full "board" of "boxers" which sounded pretty cool, but once they were all going I felt pretty limited, like "where do I go from here?". I didn't think, somehow, of doing a "live" mix edit during a recording, adding and removing voices dynamically! So while it's definitely easy to make something that sounds good, there is also some real skill involved in the realtime mixing aspect if you want to go there.

- Oshyan


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