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Whole Room Watercooling

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This is somewhat crazy and painful to watch:

Whole Room Water Cooling Project

They set up watercooling through multiple workstations and encounter lots of difficulties, as you can imagine.

It's a very ambitious project for a group of very committed hardware hackers.  Cool to watch but painful as well..

I was just about to go to bed, then I started this video, not realizing it was a multi-part series. Now I'll never get to sleep! :'(

Gotta watch 'em all! :Thmbsup:

Yes, just getting an air conditioner would have been an easy way out, but doing it this way is so much more fun!  :Thmbsup:
12-core Xeon?  :-*
Wow, where'd they get the megabucks for all those stacks and stacks of high-tech goodies.
Why paint the room dark gray; thermal absorption? o_O
I use an aluminum Lian-Li case to help conduct away heat.

I only watched the first vid, but I saw him use a hole saw on the top of a new machine build.
Nobody stood by with a vacuum cleaner hose to catch the debris as the hole saw chewed into the case.
Somebody -please- tell me that wasn't a metal case, and that he didn't shower metal bits and dust all over the insides of a new mobo and peripherals. >.<

From the other videos I saw on that website I think they were smart enough not to do so.For a custom job as they are doing, it is common to install and remove parts for fitting purposes.

The idea of one big water-cooled solution that needs to cool 7 "beefy" PC's in one room sounds great. However, I saw all the videos of that project and they make some questionable choices. Then again, they had the bravado to go ahead with the plan anyway. And I still think that you could get the same result or better by removing the heat as fast as it is generated. Creating a more efficient airflow is cheaper and easier...and can be redirected, so the radiated heat can be of some use.


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