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AV testing: Is your antivirus app doing its job?

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I have/use Webroot and I like it.  It hasn't caused many as many problems as other AVs I've used in the past.  I wish it were part of the survey, but it's not. Webroot has blocked some "potentially unwanted programs" from being stealth-installed. And that makes me happy.

Webroot also claims that it can rollback changes that malware might have made; I haven't had a chance or reason to use this feature so I'm not sure how well it works.  They claim it can bail you out of a Cryptolocker-style ransomware attack. I hope I never have reason to need that.

I also use MBAM.  Now that MBAM has fixed their upgrade method so it doesn't require me to do it manually, it's essentially invisible except when I click on a link to a webpage it doesn't think is safe (which happens once every few months - not too often).  Or maybe it's Webroot that nicely blocks potentially malicious websites.

I also have AdGuard installed, and while it's not technically anti-malware, I believe that ads have become a significant attack vector for malware. So I think AdGuard is doubly nice: fewer annoying ads and probably helping avoid some malware.

All of these are lifetime licenses except Webroot, which I re-up every year by finding a coupon that lets me get a 1 year license for 5 machines for $30.

I have a lifetime license for Outpost Security Suite, and I believe that it's a very competent bit of software, but it seems geared to people who want fine-grained control and want to know everything that's coming in and out of the network.  I've grown to want my anti-malware to be more hands-off, so I don't have Outpost installed right now. But I'm not sorry I bought it; I got a lot of use out of the license already, and  I'll periodically check back with Outpost when I hear about major upgrades that might impact the user interface.

I use an antivirus. It's not the best but it's surely better than nothing.

I trust more HIPS and behavioral analysis than antivirus itself. What do you think about this phrase?

it's surely better than nothing.-Giampy (July 24, 2015, 08:06 AM)
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By opening more potential holes at the cost of no additional security? Nice.

malware is around for about one year before it's actually found. I guess this has not changed much by now-Tuxman (July 23, 2015, 04:31 AM)
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Yes, but an antivirus should help at least against old malware. People can even avoid antivirus as it doesn't protect against new malware, but it must be then sad to be infected by a three years old virus...

IMHO, of course.

"My computer is more secure now, only malware newer than three years can hijack it."



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