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Notes associated to a web during our browsing or deep links everywhere

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Hello Contro,

Notezilla can do exactly what you want. You can stick notes to different web pages and also sync those notes between PCs. There are ways to stick notes so that they appear in any browser.

Note that currently, the sticky notes are associated with the title of the web page (not the url). But this is sufficient is most cases.

Here are more details.

Also please watch a 1 and half minute video #3 from here:

About licensing, if you are looking for syncing, then you need to pay yearly. If you want standalone license (no syncing) then you just have to pay once. See the cloud and non-cloud options on the order page.

Gautam Jain

I have been working on one called Context Note. Here is a quick video, don't mind the spelling errors :-) this was just a quick video.

I should have it available next week.

The new Microsoft Edge browser allows you to write and draw notes on webpages as you browse.


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