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Share photos with a password link


I have this blog in blogspot :

I have the email of the participants to this lunch.
I would like to send an email to them with the blogspot link. And a password for the photos.....
And in the post a link to photos in the cloud (dropbox, drive, ....., any ,.....) protected by a password.

I would like to do precisaly in the way. How can i do it ? (I don't want to sent the drive invitation by example....

Any free platform would suit my purpose.


I have solved the problema with Mega !!!!!!!!

using a zip with a password.

i would like an additional feature with no compressed files. Protecting the entire folder in the cloud. And able to let the others sum other photos. is possible ?

I think dropbox did some years ago in the free version and now in the paid version.

Do you know any free system to do that ?

Best Regards

Google Drive lets you grant shared access to files/folders to specific accounts or to anyone with a specific link.

@Contro, is free and has a radio button in preferences:
"make all of my images public so that they can be seen at:".
Individual images can be shared with links.
I don't understand, "..letting others sum other photos..".
Regards, sword

I don't understand, "..letting others sum other photos..".
-sword (November 11, 2015, 12:06 PM)
--- End quote ---

My guess is that it's an error in translation. Sum is a synonym for add. He wants to let others add photos to the shared folder. :Thmbsup:


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