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Does Donationcoder have a post(s) containing main s/w deals sites?

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I hope this isn't a "repost" type of posting.

I hadn't found any "all encompassing" list(s),  that mention websites where one can obtain free and/or deeply discounted software.
I mean besides the list with arranged member discounts (,
Besides the many individual posts about single software deals.

Myself, I review the deals mentioned throughout the Donationcoder forum.
I thought it would be cool if a sort of "Big Software Discount List" might be assembled, to help others searching for discounts/deals.
Naturally websites with "ongoing, everyday deals" are best.

I have also found that there are some software vendors who regularly run scheduled discount promotions, but only a select few times a year.  Many now have "Black Friday through Christmas" discounts, "New Years" discounts, 4th of July, software company's Birthday/anniversary sale.

My list so far is:
1. donationcoder
2. Bitsdujour - mainly payware with discounts, but now offering sevral freebies throughout each week.
3. SOS or - about half freebies and half payware.
4. - payware at all sorts of various discounts. A good place to search for any paid software(s) that you cannot find discount   codes for.
5. GAOTD - seems anemic when compared to sites like SOS. (SOS is like having a a week's worth of GAOTD offers, all at one time).

The next are mostly for web designers , but still some software items. Especially software items of importance to webdesign types.
6. - mostly "web designer stuff" , but still several software products at any given time.
7. - another "mostly web designer stuff", but a few software sale items at any given time.

Midnight Rambler:
I subscribed to the daily newsletter from Windows Deal and haven't been disappointed.  Try it.

I had this thread going that garnered a few sites:

Best Windows Giveaway Sites

Edit: it is in the Found Deals and Discounts sub-forum which usually has notices for individual giveaways and discounts.  So far I have 6 sites that I monitor daily that I got from the thread above.

Bits du Jour has a couple more versions not yet mentioned here or there:
"Deals & Discounts From Around the Web!":
"Free shareware":
Popular discounts:

Curt: ?


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