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A Script for my 1001 email accounts in Thunderbird


I need an ahk script or similar.

I have the spanish version of Thunderbird (TB).

I have so many accounts that i am suffering a lot trying to locate my accounts quickly.

In the Thunderbird menu have the option Go (in spanish "Ir") . To select this option i need to press ALT+i
Then go to the folder (in spanish "Carpeta" ). To select this option i have to press letter         a
In my proofs, for some reason in the spanish version when i press      a      goes to the option "Prior" (in spanish "Anterior"). A block A.
If i press twice then goes to the desired option        a    (a from "Carpeta")
After this appear a huge list of my emails of several pages. I would like then introduce the name of my account to locate it.
And finally goes to the Inbox folder of that account (in spanish "Bandeja de Entrada")
Even in a few cases i have to go to another sublevel entering the name of the subfolder.

I need to execute the ahk when i have already entered in the main window of Thunderbird

a     a
variable windows asking to introduce the email :    [email protected]
Bandeja de entrada
If exists subfolders then ask me for its name ....

Summary : Navigate to the desired folder.

Note : Sometimes is good wait until the step is given. Wait for action.
In the account name will be good have the option to select prior entries in a tab or similar.
Idem if exist a final level.

Can i have this script ?

Best Regards


Trying :

#SingleInstance Force
; ^s:: ; press ctrl-s , quito esta línea del script inicial para activar la hotkey con pe
  Process, Exist, thunderbird.exe
  if (ErrorLevel) ; process is running
     WinActivate, ??????????????? (Caption of thunderbird to be determinated, Window Title)  ; creo que este es el título. sí lo es. Comprobado con AA
     Run Y:\PORTABLES\Navegadores . Internet . Correo\ThunderbirdPortable\App\thunderbird\thunderbird.exe
     Sleep, 500
Send !i
Send % Chr(097) ; Sends the ascii value 097 that is the letter a
Send % Chr(097) ; Sends the ascii value 097 that is the letter a
; variable windows asking to introduce the email :    [email protected]
; possibility to control the last emails entries in a tab or similar
; once selected the account go the inbox folder
; possibility to control next level subfolder if exists....

Finally i am using an addon from thunderbird :

Works fine

Best Regards


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