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url snooper is showing nothing


I go to youtube, url snooper is open. I see it's scanning packets in it's status bar, but no urls show up.

what is going wrong?

I am having the same problem.

The bad news is that youtube video streams rarely have any recoverable url info in them that Snooper can discover.

The good news is that there are several free websites that can let you directly download youtube videos.  This is the one I use:
Just be careful to avoid the stupid ad pages and click the correct downloads.

this is a very old response but still valid AFAIK (edit// I see mouser confirms this above)

A lot of people seem to want to use Url Snooper for downloading YouTube videos.

The ironic thing is that downloading youtubes is simple and URL Snooper is really more useful for much harder cases.

Youtube videos use a special protocol, but it's not hard to download them.  you don't need url snooper.
-mouser (April 09, 2008, 04:46 PM)
--- End quote ---

if you want to donwload YT videos, there are many addons and dedicated sites which enable that.
(I'm no expert in the topic, but e.g. | | or search addons for your browser.)

See also this search:;params=eJwtzMsOhCAMheF3cTNbZzWPQ6A9iRqkkwpeEh7eouz-fjmp590nAtdPHetQg7b6_iy3SQ5Hsv4jMgwblbCAspMUr1eYXJI5Mc6-EM1WiojnbyfHsxozNmoCrzTZfUnJJeAGaZ80Xw..
in case that doesnt work (the forum is being modified at the moment), search this board for youtube

The reason for this problem is simple: URL Snooper doesn't snoop for IPv6 and youtube "already" uses IPv6.


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