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Computer Programming To Be Officially Renamed “Googling Stackoverflow”

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Washington DC – The IEEE have produced a report today where they strongly recommend that from now on, the discipline of Computer Programming should be officially renamed to “Googling Stackoverflow”.

“We are recommending a root-and-branch name change to this discipline”, said President of the IEEE, Thomas M. Conte.  “We are even going to change the official name of the IEEE Computer Society to the IEEE Quick Look At StackOverflow Society”.

“We are furthermore recommending that all universities across the planet should cease to award Bachelors degrees, Masters or PhDs in computer programming or software engineering and instead they should award these degrees in Googling Stackoverflow.”

“We are also considering renaming “P-values” to “Reviewer Pacifiers”.”
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It's funny because it's true! ;D

It was bound to happen.  Even some Lazarus/FreePascal questions I searched for came up with similar questions on StackOverflow.  :-\

In fact, many of my general tech questions I've searched for came up with the most popular answers being similar questions from the StackExchange network, especially since they've added SO MANY categories over the last few years.

I was wondering, when a new appointee in our office developing a .Net project, was searching StackOverflow and copy - pasting codes in the project. Since he was not under me, I just wondered how he is going to get all codes for the project of our clients.  :huh:

As expected all codes were working except the product. The client ran away.

Now I see this is how all new programmers are learning to code, copy - paste.

Why there was no help for us when we were working hard to read a text file correctly, which had some lower ASCII characters in it.


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