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Benefits of using SC with ShareX?

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I'm new to both SC and ShareX, but my first impression is that SC was primarily designed to be a screen capture tool which also happens to have some pic editing/annotating and sharing features and ShareX was primarily designed to be pic sharing tool which also happens to have some screen capture and editing/annotating tools.

This would make sense of my first observation that SC seems to have a more well developed screen capture facility while ShareX seems to have a more well developed sharing facility.

I also have observed that SC has some integration features that support ShareX.  I tried it out and it works nicely, although it's too bad there can't be a merger of these great tools into one!  I hate having to use two tools.  I know that is far more easy to say then to do, and also that the people involved may not want to do that even if it was feasible.  I understand and respect that completely if that is the case.  :)

In any event... my hat is off to both teams.  What fantastic pieces of work!  Thank you very much for both of these gems.  All those involved in developing them have tremendous talent!

Even though I have just started using them, there are things I like about each.  One major advantage of SC for me, is that I was able to find this forum to discuss it.  I tried hard to find a forum for ShareX and only found its project page and maybe IRC channel, neither of which seems like a user friendly way to discuss it to me.  Maybe I missed something, but anyway, I am grateful for this forum on SC.

OK... that was my long winded way of getting to this:

I would probably like to pick one of these to use and see if I can get it to do everything I need to do with just that one.  At the moment, SC is more to my liking overall, but I am not sure I can configure it to upload the way I want it to to the places I want it to, so that means I still at this time have to use ShareX to do that.  That's a negative.  But with some more experience maybe I will find that SC can do the job without SX... I need to study the uploading features more.

So here is my request:

Can someone give me a summary of what advantages that using ShareX in conjunction with SC has?  Is it only because ShareX has a more robust uploading facility (if if does)?  Or could there be other reasons that using ShareX in addition to SC is an advantage?  There is clearly a lot of feature overlap, so I am hoping to short circuit my discovery process a little by getting a rough summary of the differences.

I apologize if what I wrote above sounds  uninformed.  I admit I am new to both of these programs and have not had as much time as I would like to study them.  I hope my questions make sense and give my thanks in advance for any help!  :)


First, welcome to the site  :Thmbsup:

ShareX is a nice tool but I'm the author of Screenshot Captor, and so I'm best suited to talk about it.

Originally Screenshot Captor did not include support for uploading images to an image sharing site -- that's why I added integration with ShareX.

Since that time, Screenshot Captor now has a nice built-in uploader for an Imager Sharing site (ImageShack) which works right out of the box and requires no signup, etc.

So at this time, the ShareX integration in SC is not really needed, and is probably overkill.  ShareX is still a nice tool and some people may prefer it, but integrating the two is probably not very useful at this point.

If you have any questions bout how to do something in Screenshot Captor, just ask!

Thank you for your reply mouser, the friendly welcome and your brilliant work with Screenshot Captor!  :)

I do have a few questions if you have a chance.

Does the Screenshot Captor Imager uploading tool allow anonymous uploading?

Does the tool keep a log of the various links for each upload such as direct link, delete link, etc.  If so how easy is it to use those links... i.e. can they be accessed directly from SC or do they need copy and paste into the browser etc?

Is there a url shortening feature?  An automatic paste direct link to clipboard feature?

These are a few of the features I have noticed I liked in SX so far.  None of them is a deal breaker, but I am just wondering if Screenshot Captor has any of these and if not whether the plan is to incorporate any of them soon.

Thanks again for all the help!

Does the Screenshot Captor Imager uploading tool allow anonymous uploading?
--- End quote ---

Does the tool keep a log..
--- End quote ---

It does keep a log of sorts, cleared on restart.
Here's some screenshots:

various links for each upload such as direct link, delete link, etc.  If so how easy is it to use those links.
--- End quote ---
it doesn't present such links for actions -- if you use a non-anonymous account you can of course go to your account and manage/delete/etc.  if it's anonymous im not sure you can.

I'm open to adding more features to the uploader -- let me know which features you think would be most important to add.  :up:


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