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Watch a game instead of playing it - and others?

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I really enjoyed Christopher Odd's Bloodborne walkthrough (I was alternating between watching and playing it myself).
I'd rank his skill as only slightly above average which suited me fine. Come to think of it, I enjoyed the walkthroughs almost as much as I enjoyed playing the game, sometimes more so - Bloodborne can be very dark and stressful.

Deo recommended searching youtube for the phrase "Let's Play", and it's yielded some excellent results.

I can see that different users make very different playthroughs, and the trick is to find one that matches your tastes.

I started watching a giant playthrough of a game that very much but which i do not want (nor have the time to) play, Witcher 3, and can highly recommend this player:
-mouser (July 13, 2015, 01:23 PM)
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Ahh, it was YOU who revived this 5 year old thread haha...I wondered when the hell I posted in this...then I looked at the date haha


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