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I need a physics/chemistry/engineering/science forum

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ok but can you tell me please what the community wants/does and what not?
because I haven't understood yet
-kalos (July 17, 2015, 03:53 PM)
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The specifics will vary by community- each has a faq/help page that should be read before posting so you can know what kinds of questions the community answers and does not.  A very general overview for all StackExchange communities can be found at

There are some things that will be universal to all StackExchange sites, i.e. the mechanisms of voting.  There are some that are site specific, i.e. what an upvote/downvote really means.

For example, one of the communities I frequent is RPG.SE.  It's help page is at  There's also a page with more help and a FAQ at

So you'd have to go to the specific site where you were asking the question, and look for the two pages.  Also remember, that unless there is a diamond beside the person's name, they are just a member, like yourself.  And members everywhere can be good or bad.  The only difference is tenure and reputation- reputation gives abilities as the community comes to trust the individual member.

In general, however, StackExchange is not a forum, and it does not host discussions.  It also doesn't do well with open-ended questions.  It is specifically created to answer very specific, very directed questions.  If you're starting a question with "Can I get suggestions for..." in general, that's not an appropriate question.  Pros and cons and opinionated questions also tend to be closed. 

Ask a specific question about a specific thing that can't be easily googled, and you're more likely to get a good response.

i like reddit

Just terrible ::) and Rarst is actually someone who is often helpful elsewhere, imagine the rest.

Why do I even bother posting there

I don't get your problem?  He was asking for clarification- which is the right thing to do if he doesn't understand the question?  And it is better to try to make your question generic for posterity's sake, i.e. unless you're asked about your specifics, just ask the question you want to ask instead of trying to 'frame' it.

If you don't explain yourself they pretty much chastise you but if you do then they want clarification, they take this to the extreme.

My question is

edit.php and post-new.php take a long time to load
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The rest is explanation, which will be asked if I don't post them initially any way.

The 'problem', if there is any, is that the question will be lost in the crowd if not answered quickly, they know it and if they make the effort to insist on clarification they should come back to read it.


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