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microsoft flowchart advice


I want to create a flow chart
I used Visio and Onenote
in Visio, I don't know how to make the canvas with unlimited length (and A4 width)
in Onenote, I don't know how to make the bubbles/rectangular appear with border and how to easily interconnect them (it's not as easy as Visio's)
Visio also displays text too small and it doesn't allow me to enter a custom numbering! only bullets!!

any advice?


i don't think visio has an unlimited space like onenote.
i also don't think onenote can do things like visio very easily.

For canvas in Visio -- Design - Size - More page options - Custom size. You cannot really make it unlimited, but you can make it as long as you wish.

Regarding small text and numbering - you can format every element, either one by one, or by editing the theme applied to it.


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