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Taskbar and windows 8.1

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Or without installing anything.. if you have Snap enabled press Winkey Left Arrow.  That should put the window inside the work area on the left half of the screen.  Then you can get the mouse to the corner.

Alternatively set Taskbar AutoHide to enabled(which I don't like either.  But it's an option.)

-MilesAhead (July 14, 2015, 01:48 PM)
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During years I don't like to autohide the tasbar. But I am doing now.
The window in my monitor don't redimension with winkey+left arrow or similar
I have tried too window tracer, but really don't understand the script.
How can i do with the program.
Even i can't understand the video in the link

Best Regards

Any other tool ?


Set the taskbar to autohide?

EDIT// I see Miles has that covered already :up:
-tomos (July 14, 2015, 02:10 PM)
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I am obliged to use the option autohide, but i would like other answers

Best Regards

I can't understand this :
How it works: This script operates on the active window. Hold down the configured modifier key (default: xbutton1, the "back" button on many mice) and click the left mouse button. While still holding both the left mouse button and the modifier down, move your mouse anywhere, and let go of the left mouse button, then the modifier. The point at which you clicked the left mouse button is the new top left coordinate of the active window, and the point you let go of the button is the new bottom right coordinate (or the other way around, depending on which way you moved the mouse relative to the window's previous coordinates). In short- you both resize and move the window in one swift action. Trace windows into empty spaces of your desktop! Have a lot of windows open across multiple monitors and you can't easily tell where the window you just alt tabbed to is? Trace it into view!"

My mouse have two buttons and a wheel
Pressing the wheel is assigned to othe task at the present moment....

It's terrible. Even some windows when are maximized don't allow the taskbar to return.....


this is my mouse



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