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Olympus Air (Hackable) Lens Camera


I hadn't come across lens cameras before - apparently Sony came out with the idea first, but now Olympus has taken the idea a good few steps further with the Olympus Air (available sometime in July in the States).

For the average user: it can be used with your smartphone - either attached, or remotely (in the review the connection still worked @ over 250 feet).
But Olympus have also made an SDK available - although not yet available via an English language page - see here. Also physical design files, so if you feel like tinkering...

what makes the Olympus AIR extremely versatile and "hacker friendly" is the fact that it has an open architecture, with Olympus providing an SDK (Software Developer's Kit), documentation and even physical design files for users to easily customize and control the camera for their own applications, as well as to spur innovation. Never before has a camera manufacturer so completely and officially opened a product to end-users, software developers, experimenters and system integrators.

To get you up and running with the AIR A01 quickly (and for those not developing their own software), Olympus also unveiled no fewer than eight smartphone apps for Android and iOS, including OA.Central which is the base app providing Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity as well as basic shooting and playback, plus the framework for installing additional apps; OA.ModeDial which provides a control interface to access PASM shooting modes and adjust exposure parameters such as shutter speed, aperture, sensitivity, white balance, etc., just like on an advanced camera; and OA.ArtFilter which implements many of the company's famous photo filters and effects. Other available apps include OA.Clips, OA.ColorCreator, OA.Genius, OA.PhotoStory, and OA.Viewer, with more likely to come.via


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