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Pasting From Stack - Questions

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I'm still trying to make pasting from a stack as efficient and rapid as possible because I do it frequently.  I'm using as a standard what I was able to do in my former clipboard helper because it minimized the keystrokes necessary to paste a longer list of clips.

There I was able to

*   Select a group of clips by highlighting them in the main windows
*   Select whether I wanted FIFO or LIFO
*   Select (optional) whether I wanted the cycle through the stack once or multiple times (I didn't use that often) - default was once-through
Once I'd selected those it was just a matter of repeatedly pressing Ctrl-V to paste the sequence of clips.

How close to this is it possible to come in CHS?

This isn't a feature I use (at least not often), so my memory of it is fuzzy...

But I think the stack behavior in CHS works by letting you set the stack position, and then always moving from there towards more recent clips, walking through the entire clip database.

So what's missing is the ability to select/highlight a subset of clips -- you can only set the stack position, and the ability to work in a LIFO mode.

Having said that, I could extend the stack functionality to support the kind of functionality you are wanting..

Extending that functionality would be great.
Why it's currently less than optimal is that it takes two steps for every entry, vs one step as I've experienced it.

Since you've got the QuickPaste group on the left, I'd propose having it possible to put things in the quickpaste group by dragging or clicking,  Then one could order the quickpaste group as one wants and paste LIFO or FIFO.

I could get partway there by putting a number in ordering and then limiting what showed in QP to those clips with an order number.

That proposed solution might be a bit more difficult than you realize -- however one thing i could do fairly easily is let the user right click and add selected clips to the stack, with CHS maintaining an explicit list of stack clips.

So that at any time you could go and select some clips and add them to the "explicit" stack list, in normal or reverse order, to top or bottom.

If i made this "stack" list visible in the options (or a separate dialog), i might even just let you edit it like a text field, so that it could specify a list of clip id#s, OR raw text.

In essence what I imagine is that the stack would work as it does now, except when you EXPLICITLY add stuff to the EXPLICIT stack, at which point those would pop off until that list was empty.

So if you had 5 clips scattered throughout your database that you wanted to pop off one at a time, youd just go highlight those 5 and right-click and say "add to explicit paste stack"; you would then be asked whether to add them to start or end of stack and in what order.
You could repeat this process to add more clips to the explicit stack.
When pasting from the stack it would proceed through those you just added, going in the order you arranged in the explicit stack.

Sounds pretty good to me.

It's not essential to me, but allowing multiple passes through the explicit stack would also be desirable.

Reminder:  my goal is to be able just to paste with one key(combination) press per clip.


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