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Update Comment on TechSupportAlert


One of my favorite sites for freeware is  Today I posted this comment updating their 2013 review that noted as a deficiency the lack of image support.

Clipboard Help+Spell (CHS) has been markedly improved since the 2013 review date.  Now it's at v2.29 and HAS good image capability.  It can be used very simply or can perform complex useful feats with a reasonable amount of extra time spent learning its features.  One of its many excellent features is the ability to clean up clips in almost any ways imaginable:  removing extra lines; removing unwanted characters at the beginning of lines; find and replace; on and on. 

I'm a longtime Clipmate user, one who never grudged paying for it because I used it so much, but CHS converted me - and inspired me to make a contribution to the totally non-profit, non-adware, DonationCoder(DC) site that uses only Google-analytics as a tracker for page views.  Note that Mouser, the creator of CHS has several other excellent programs on DC.  There are programs by other authors as well.


Thank you so much, Jim!
To be honest, comments like that -- to hear them and even better when people post them on trusted sites we all love -- mean so much to us -- more than any monetary donation could.  :up: :up: :up:

One correction: DC is not an "official" non-profit.  Non-profit is a very specific legal term of art that can refer to organizations that make huge amounts of money and page huge salaries, but keep the money in house.  It would be more accurate to say that DC is a never-made-a-profit-not-trying-very-hard.  :D


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