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Steven Avery:
> (This is in addition to using Linoit as the visual traffic cop.)

Protopage has user-sizable RTF notes, that you can lay out on a page, and it also has a tab structure., and direct urls to each tab. The editor is decent, create web link is there.  And other widgets can be on the same page, e.g. for simple bookmarks or RSS feeds.

The boxes are far more RTF configurable than Linoit (for which only the box itself,  can be configured for color of font, size of font and background color. Within the box, everything is fixed.)

For now, those are my two leaders for visual note-taking and visual quick-access. 

While I poke around with Evernote, Wunderlist and word processing documents for most of the rest.

(Sidenote: I do like using AirTable for a custom contact manager that can easily url documents, email and stuff.)

For me, the full page-with-boxes view is a primary consideration.  The Linoit metaphor has helped, and I think a port to Protopage (if I decide that way) would be a couple of hours.

Both programs seem solid on your choosing private, public, sharing.

Protopage is thought of as a start page, but I am quite impressed with its versatility.  I actually was looking at it as my RSS and podcast feed locale, where it "feels" more flexible and pleasant.  Then I noticed the RTF notes feature.

Linoit wants $3/month for a real full-blown search (a necessity over time.) Not sure if the Protopage situation will push me to something similar.  These fees I do not mind.


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