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DonationCoder Major Upgrades - Progress Report Thread

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From what I gather, the loss of the Programming School may only be temporary, until everything has been upgraded and CMS put in place, then it could be added back on (later) in a much better way, that could make it even more useful, perhaps even more structured, with actual lessons and not just assignments?

The programming school pre-dates DonationCoder by several years -- it was the first forum I made, and I have a very soft spot in my heart for it.
It was created at a time where there were no other real alternatives -- no good places to get self-teaching assignments for a variety of languages.

Now of course there are tons of such options, massively funded dedicated online learning websites with large support staffs, etc.

So, I think the programming school is probably best handled by others, with us maintaining a great page of information on what sites we would recommend and why, etc.  The new cms will make it easier for us to have such pages.

Alternatively, we could create a new self-teaching programming school of our own, on a sister website using a cms designed for online learning, or on a separate area of our new cms.

But the bottom line is that i think it's probably time to stop having the programming school exist as dozens of private little sub-forums of the dc forum.

Forum modification progress so far:


ILA attachment (customized)

HS4SMF (highslide image viewer) (customized and integrated with ILA)

Installed Yet Another Youtube mod -- takes care of our youtube stuff

nobbc button (replace with our own?); good example of standalone hook mod

GOOD example of hook no-modification mod

Mouser mods:

+mouser's suspicious user post reporting
+mouser's profile change reporting
+mouser's emailing of all posts and changes
+mouser's email admin on forum error
+mouser's ability to delete posts while banning, and banning improvements
+mouser's show website url and text on profile summary page
+mouser's hide untrusted user spammable profile fields from profile and message display page (signature, website, personal text)
+mouser's preset text mod
+mouser's yearbook quote trap -- handled with new profile fields builtin feature
+mouser's blogging system

+mouser's simple comment hiding
+mouser's member search in dropdown (added to search dropdown mod)

+mouser's custom bbcode buttons with js functionality
+mouser's custom LI button
+mouser's custom IMG button
+mouser's custom URL button

+mouser's custom image/smileys popup

I guess it's probably too late now but for whatever it's worth I have a couple of anti-spam mods installed on 2 fairly active forums I run and they take care of 99% of spam. We very rarely have a problem with an actual spam post getting through. The most I have to do is check and approve (or delete) a couple of questionable registrations once a week. On DC it'd probably be more like every couple days with the volume, but still the actual work is minimal and done mostly by the plugins.

- Oshyan

It's not too late at all.  I have implemented my own custom spam reporting and related modifications (which are mainly focused on DETECTING AND ALERTING human moderators about suspicious posts and profile changes rather than trying to stop it outright) but I'll be looking into additional 3rd party spam mods.

Let me know which ones you use.

I spent today porting the badges mod, so everyone will be able to keep their forum "flare".


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