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Patch your Flash! Version (July 08, 2015)

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Or if you don't want to abide by Adobe's goofy insistence on trying to bundle McAfee software and want to be able to install Adobe Flash while not connected to the internet, go here:
-Innuendo (July 11, 2015, 02:54 PM)
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Actually it's McAfee if you go to the Adobe site with Firefox or IE. If you go there with Opera it tries to install Chrome and make it your default browser.  I don't use Chrome, so I don't know what they try to stick you with if you do.

The link above gives you the current full distribution version, but that can be quickly out of date as new vulnerabilities are found and patched - almost daily, it seems, so you need to download it again each time there is a patch.

What you get from the regular Flash update page is actually a stub that goes to Adobe, downloads the latest installer and launches it.  There are stub versions available, with and without crapware, for the various combinations of plug-in types: Netscape (Firefox and other Mozilla derivatives), Chromium (Chrome, Opera, etc.) and ActiveX (IE) and OS versions.  The stub deletes itself after launching the installer, forcing you to download it again each time you update, giving Adobe another chance to trick you.  The stubs only change for major version changes, not for each security patch/update.

What I do to keep Flash updated is to keep a set of the no-crapware stubs locally. When I hear of a new security patch, I just copy the appropriate stubs to the software install folder on each system I want to update and run them. That automatically installs the latest updates without my having to go back to Adobe's site to select anything. I find this easier and less error-prone than downloading a full new version each time.




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