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CPU 100%

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The help you have got so far should help you out, but if thats not the case, you may need to dig in to some real system tweaking, which does not just help you to fix the Firefox problem, it will give you more juice out of your laptop, but I will not go deeper into thhat now, it would take hours to but into text ;)

A friend of me got a real old can, Pentium Pro with 200mhz cpu and 128mb mem, I gave it a try, and now it runs WinXP SP2, I admit it took some desent amount of time but evrything is possible :)

Best Regards

Carol Haynes:
Thanks Mouser and PhilKC problem solved my Belkin high speed wireless and router was the issue.

Mouser I have downloaded Screen Captor could I possible have a key?? I know I had one ages ago but can't find it. PM or email me you all my correct contact details.

Many many thanks,


-Hellie (June 24, 2006, 02:32 PM)
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You can get your key by going to

question: how did you first realize your cpu was running at 100%?

Hi Mouser,

My doing control, alt and delete XP told me so.

What is CPU and how does it relate to RAM??


What is CPU and how does it relate to RAM??
-Hellie (June 25, 2006, 10:07 AM)
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The CPU is the "Central Processing Unit" of your computer, this is often made by Intel, or AMD, it's the brains of your PC, and everything you do relies upon it.

RAM is "Random Access Memory", and is used as a 'quick access' store for your applications, by storing variables in RAM, retrieving them is faster...

The two are in no real way realted...



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