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CPU 100%

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Hehe, I think one problem for Firefox may be that you have about a million extensions/toolbars loaded. :D Do you actually use all those?

- Oshyan

we need a screenshot of the process listing showing which processes are using how much cpu.

install this:

and do a screenshot of that when you think you have 100% cpu use.

Yes I do have loads of them. I have screengrab as an extension but I cannot work how to do a screenshot from the CPU usage box that I get when I hit control alt del on XP????


You need to focus it, press print-screen, open ms paint, paste there, save and put here.

OR, download Screenshot Captor, focus the window on ctrl-alt-del and hit printscreen and it'll save it for you.

I have atatched this. Is it any use? I can't work out how to do a sceenshot of system information???



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