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Any ideas for an entry-level "how to use a mouse" tutorial?

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Hi All,
I'm wanting to teach my 3-year-old daughter to use a computer.  She is able to use the touchscreen on my Kindle Fire HD just fine.  And she has seen me use the mouse on our Vista PC.  She is a bit intimidated by it though.    I need a game or a learning app that is really really simple and has some kind of "learn to use your mouse" tutorial...  Any ideas of free or really inexpensive ones?


This is really low-tek, but what if you start her off with just a simple graphics program where she can move the mouse around and draw lines and stuff?

That's half of what the mouse is, you move the "thingie" and the "screen other thingie" moves around.

I have something I was working on, that is still unfinished, but may require a bit more in fine motor skills than she may currently have.

Similar to TaoPhoenix's idea of setting her loose with MS Paint, is my bead designer:

You simply click a colored bead from the row at the bottom, then click any bead in the grid to change it to that color:

(actual size)

It is very unfinished, far from being ready for public release, but the part I just described is working quite well, if you want to try it with her (after giving her some time in MS Paint, of course). If you do want to try it, send me a PM and I'll share with you what I have done, so far.

Just for grins I googled and this popped up.  Looks like very entry level.  Just to get her to click to do stuff.  I almost have the hang of it.  Maybe another hour of practice and I'll have it knocked.  :)



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