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some aliases I'd like to share


Some aliasses I use a lot

for listing the farr commands similar to gohelp
? optional-search-string

for searching the  launch history
/l optional-search-string

for searching alias names
/a optional-search-string

for searching plugins
/p optional-search-string

for searching the search history
/s optional-search-string

for opening options, no [Enter] required, use this at end of the search field

for hibernation
zzzz  (anywhere in the farr searchfield) (requires nirsoft's nircmd.exe in aliasdir)

Below you find my alias export for these commands.
To import you can select (the lines you like) copy them to the clipboard (ctrl+c), open FARR (ctrl-space or Break), type gooptions to edit options, go to Lists >>Aliases/Keywords/Groups right click in the list, select Import: Paste Preformatted Alias Groups

update textual : all
functional update : /o and zzzz

1000>>>? optional-string ; help FARR commands>->Farr all commands:>n>History - List past Searches (use Del to remove an entry) - historys | restartsearch historys>n>History - List past Launches (use Del to remove an entry) - historyl | restartsearch historyl>n>Alias - List all - agroups| restartsearch agroups>n>Alias - Reload all - goareload | restartsearch goareload>n>Plugins - List All, Configure one - aplugins| restartsearch aplugins>n>Plugins - List All, choose one to Reload - preload| restartsearch preload>n>Plugins - Reload All with pause prompt - rplugins | restartsearch rplugins>n>Plugins - Alias Reload All - goreload| restartsearch goreload>n>Options Edit - gooptions | restartsearch gooptions>n>Toolbar Config - gotoolbar | restartsearch gotoolbar>n>Help show farr helpfile - gohelp | restartsearch gohelp>n>Quit - goquit | restartsearch goquit>n>About show including license key dialog - goabout | restartsearch goabout>n>Restart close and open again | restartsearch frestart>+>^\?(.*)>#>$$1

1000>>>/a optional-string (to search aliases)>->dummy | dosearch agroups $$1>+>^\/a(.*)

1000>>>/l optional-string (to search launch history)>->dummy | dosearch historyl $$1>+>^\/l(.*)

1000>>>/s optional-string (to search search history)>->dummy | dosearch historys $$1>+>^\/s(.*)

1000>>>/o ;to edit farr options settings>->dummy | dosearch gooptions>+>^\/o(.*)
1000>>>/o (at end of search field to edit farr options config settings)>->farr options auto start | dosearch gooptions>+>\/o$

1000>>>/p optional-string (to search plugins)>->dummy | dosearch aplugins $$1>+>^\/p(.*)

3000>>>zzzz hibernate>->Hibernate "%ALIASDIR%nircmd.exe" hibernate | "%ALIASDIR%nircmd.exe" hibernate /ICON=nircmd_icons\standby.ico>+>.*zzzz

3000>>>zzzz (to hibernate windows)>->Hibernate "%ALIASDIR%nircmd.exe" hibernate | "%ALIASDIR%nircmd.exe" hibernate /ICON=nircmd_icons\standby.ico>+>.*zzzz.*

I hope you like them... they saved me a lot of time  8)


for hibernation
zzzz  (anywhere in the farr searchfield)
-wjamoe (July 04, 2015, 04:26 AM)
--- End quote ---
;D Like it!

some  functional and textual updates, see first post


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