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FARR hangs when %SPECIALSYS_DOCS% included in search folders

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Well, the latest beta still freezes 'Searching history..' when I haven't used it for a while (a couple of minutes?)

Are there items in your history that are on different/network drives that might be asleep or offline?

No. I'm only launching local stuff and I don't use drive mapping for network drives. I'll go and clear the whole history to see if it changes anything though.

Sorry, that information was not correct. I'm regularly launching a shortcut that points to a file on the network. This server is never offline or asleep though.

You have to wait many seconds (seems to hang) when one of the files in the launch history is situated on an external USB drive which went into power save/sleep mode. (farr  v2.226.01 26 June 2015). If you try a second time it is lot faster, because the drive is active again ;-)


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